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Arbex Low Maintenance Battery
Arbex Low Maintenance Battery

Arbex Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd introducing low maintenance battery since last 5 years with our advantages.

Low Maintenance Battery is especially designed for high quality minumum maintenance and handling.with 50% powerful than ordinary battery, the new Arbex battery is specially design to last, making it an ideal battery for motorist who not only enjoy the pleasure of driving, but take pride in maintaining quality vehicles.

With modern technology, the colloidial carbon specially designs with additional absorbance electrolyte inside battery plate layer functions as a concealed from any shortage and reduce temperature.

The advantages of Low Maintenance Battery as follows :

Battery more powerful, reducing battery cell obstacles and indirectly will increasing to the suitable amperage output for sophisticated, extra automations device and more comfortable air conditioners.

Reducing water loss and temperature below than 45 degree Celsius.

50% longer life than ordinary automotive battery. All battery supply is in wet charged conditions.

Additional to three months shelf saving (total six months) as compare to normal automotive battery from the day it being fully charged.

It removes sulphation the cause of most battery failures. The active materials in the normal battery plates are not fully utilized during the charge-discharge cycles. Colloidial Carbon Black allows all the active materials to be used fro conversion to electricity during the discharge cycle.A battery's useful lifespan is limited by its designed cycle life.

Less cycle means longer useful working lifespan. When the battery is discharge, the lead dioxide at the positive plates and negative plates are both converted to lead sulphate. Pb02 is semi conducting, convert it back to active Pb02 during charging. However, the Colloidial Carbon is a conductor which provides a smooth path for the electron flow during both the charge and discharge cycles.

In fact, a Colloidial Carbon PAY FOR ITSELF by just saving fuel alone, improve charge effiency reduces the alternator's load on the engine. Overall, it cost reduce for service maintenance, frequent change and 50% more beneficial for the user.

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